Since its foundation by Galdino Beltramello in 1956, skier and accomplished athlete, GABEL has produced ski, trekking, and hiking poles. Each year continues to bring improvements and innovations, making GABEL a worldwide leader in the sector for technical expertise and design.
GABEL is constantly researching new technologies that can be applied to their products. This dedication to innovation has brought GABEL to the forefront internationally, with distribution in 36 countries and a second production facility in Vsetin (Czech Republic).
In 1997, GABEL introduced a complete line of telescopic hiking and trekking poles. This collection was very well received at the Eurpeoan Outdoor Show in Friederichschafen. Today, GABEL’s hiking and trekking collection continues its success and is distributed worldwide.
In Italy, GABEL continues to be a leader of ski accessories. From 1978 to 1999, GABEL was the exclusive distruibutor for Wintersteiger SkiService Machines, becoming the second largest distributor of this brand after Switzerland.
In 1998, GABEL decided to further diversify its distribution in order to balance the cash-flow in the spring/summer period. To this end, GABEL began the distribution of SUUNTO and RECTA outdoor products which greatly complimented the hiking and trekking lines.
Today GABEL is a major international presence in the ski world. Made in Italy quality and design has made GABEL products sought-after world wide, becoming the benchmark for high performance ski equipment. Each new season brings a challenge to GABEL to improve and expand the existing wide range of quality ski poles, helmets and goggles; a challenge in design, and a challenge in innovation.
Gabel combines the advanced technology of its constant evolving products and a special care and protection of the environment, engaging itself in the reuse of materials, the disposal of wastes, the reduction of pollution and the impact on the environment, believing that any human and professional activity must always be based on ethical and responsible choices.