GABEL was founded in 1956 by the enthusiastic skier and professional athlete Galdino Beltramello. Since then, our company produces ski, trekking and walking poles of outstanding quality constantly evolving their technical features and aesthetic design. The uninterrupted development of new product technologies, has led GABEL to acquire a leading position on the national and foreign markets with a distribution network that spans over 84 countries.
During the 1997 season, GABEL launched a new line of telescopic poles for walking and trekking which over the following years proved to be of superior quality and performance and is now able to fully satisfy the customers’ demand for both professional and recreational use.
In Italy GABEL has built many significant relationships with key accounts specialized in the sportsgear business. For instance, between 1978 and 1999, our company has been the exclusive supplier for the brand leader in ski repair Wintersteiger Skiservice Machines, a partnership that allowed GABEL to become the second largest distributor in Europe only after Switzerland.
Over the last 3 years, our firm has been focusing its efforts on the STRIDE WALK-FIT™ project, starting a collaboration with sports medicine and fitness advisors. To this day, GABEL offers a line of products labeled STRIDE which are entirely dedicated to Nordic Walking alongside a complete training program for both outdoor and gym activities. Currently the STRIDE WALK-FIT™ program is developed and distributed by the I.S.A (International Stride Association) in cooperation with other national associations operating in the same field. 
Today GABEL is the major international player in the skiing and outdoor world. The quality and design granted by the “Made in Italy” label, coupled with a high level of performance, have made GABEL’s products sought after all over the world. Every season represents for GABEL a challenge to improve and expand its already large selection of ski, trekking and Nordic Walking poles, with special regards to innovation and design.
Along with the constant development of new advanced technologies for its products, GABEL also pays particular attention towards the protection of the environment by recycling production materials, properly disposing industrial waste and reducing carbon emissions. We act in the conviction that every human and professional activity must be guided by ethical and responsible choices.