Very light, it absorbs impact on hard surfaces and optimises push off in order to support the proper Nordic
Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of
        The anti-impact system patented by Gabel absorbs at its maximum impacts and vibrations caused by the
Indispensable when walking on soft terrain, our baskets are easy to assemble and replace, and are interchangeable. Available in shapes
Ergonomic and lightweight for a new concept of comfort in skiing: BIOMATRIX, a new grip with quick release system, unique
The tips of poles play an all-important role: sharp and durable, Gabel tips guarantee a sure grip on any type
The high modulus carbon fabrics combined with an orientation of the fibres at variable angles in 7 layers have enabled
CLICK Gabel system uses a lever that releases the strap easily by pressure on a button. Simple, reliable, safe, its
Key element in the Nordic Walking activity. The new Comfort Power strap with its redesigned shape is now at higher
An innovation in the ski touring pole, developed in cooperation with the Austrian athletes team ASKIMO, world champions. The new
Over 40% more hold: the E.X.L. is the exceptional locking system for the ultralight products and for the most demanding
  When the going gets tough, comfort is a must. Therefore Gabel proposes the new Ergo Fit strap for all
The Gabel Fit-Link System 3D strap increases performance, safety, and comfort to the max. For demanding technical walks and even
The innovative system FAST LOCK the external locking technology based on the eccentric mechanism, offering an alternative to the standard
From The evolution of the FT2S technology we have developed the FTS applied in all National Team Gabel poles. The
Rounded shape on top and an angle of 6-7° to enhance comfortable grip and release during practice. All Gabel grips
The physical characteristics of carbon, Kevlar-reinforced in high-end products, allow the production of ultra-light tubes and balanced in weight. The
With its geometric progression, the Locking Antishock on/off Spring System developed by GABEL absorbs the shock from impacts with the
The new Lite Locking System is certainly the lightest in the Gabel range. Perfect in its shape, it has been
In order to maximize the locking power of the models featuring the FAST LOCK, Gabel introduces the MULTI LOCKING concept
1_Push the plastic edge till the end of the hole (you will hear a click). 2_The strap is now fixed.
Be seen and be safe: an improvement of your visibility thanks to a light scattering material which return a large
Sharp and durable, it guarantees the best grip on every type of terrain. All Gabel poles feature the Carbide tip.
The recent “Snake Carbon” technology applied to the latest models developed by Gabel combines the excellent resistance of high modulus
Thermo sublimation graphics with anti-scratch protection.
Tiger, the new Gabel grip for the Racing and Hi-Performance communities; studied and developed in all the aspects. Made of
Top Click System: a rapid release system for simple and secure strap adjustment that also allows for easy strap replacement.
The result of Gabel’s experience in the telescopic pole sector, the Top Performance Locking system with expander continues to be
      Twist Lock makes your poles compact! This locking system is operated through two simple, easy and intuitive
GABEL’s aim is to offer comfort, safety and cutting-edge technology. Therefore we have invested in research in order to achieve
The innovated technology WIRED will allow you to bend your pole, using a simple button. The different pole’s sections are
The strap attached to the Biomatrix II grip is the Word Cup Click model that index with a simple gesture