“SOVVENZIONI, CONTRIBUTI E VANTAGGI ECONOMICI”   L’articolo 1, commi 125-129, L. 124/2017 e successive modificazioni, ha istituito l’obbligo per le società di evidenziare nella Nota integrativa e/o sul Sito Internet le informazioni relative a

World Cup Strap

The strap attached to the Biomatrix II grip is the Word Cup Click model that index with a simple gesture is detached from the handle and that in emergency situations is detached with a


The innovated technology WIRED will allow you to bend your pole, using a simple button. The different pole’s sections are connected with a high-strength cable. The advantage of this technology is having a pole


      Twist Lock makes your poles compact! This locking system is operated through two simple, easy and intuitive steps. Just act on the main pipe of the stick, by rotating the lower

Tiger Grip

Tiger, the new Gabel grip for the Racing and Hi-Performance communities; studied and developed in all the aspects. Made of bi-material (hard-soft), reaches an ideal system grip/ski pole to grant the best grip for