Fast Lock – Fast and Reliable

The innovative system FAST LOCK the external locking technology based on the eccentric mechanism, offering an alternative to the standard locking systems that need a rotation of the tubes. This system locks the tubes


The physical characteristics of carbon, Kevlar-reinforced in high-end products, allow the production of ultra-light tubes and balanced in weight. The high strength of materials, aerodynamics and lightness of carbon tubes are aligned to the

FTS Tech – Foil Treatment Surface

From The evolution of the FT2S technology we have developed the FTS applied in all National Team Gabel poles. The ALU 7075 T651 alloy tube was studied with geometries and surface treatments such as

Biomatrix – Ergonomic Grip

Ergonomic and lightweight for a new concept of comfort in skiing: BIOMATRIX, a new grip with quick release system, unique in the market without any metal, weighing 30% less than the grips in the

Click – One Hand Release System

CLICK Gabel system uses a lever that releases the strap easily by pressure on a button. Simple, reliable, safe, its hold up to 35 kg. Beyond this limit, the system releases the straps automatically.

Basket – Interchangeable Basket

Indispensable when walking on soft terrain, our baskets are easy to assemble and replace, and are interchangeable. Available in shapes suitable for summer and winter use. For trekking and snowshoeing, Gabel has a specific

UltraLight – Comfort, Safety and Tech

GABEL’s aim is to offer comfort, safety and cutting-edge technology. Therefore we have invested in research in order to achieve excellent levels of lightness in the ULTRALIGHT category, designed for users seeking lightness and